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3 weeks ago
This is one of the cutest friendships I’ve ever seen 😍🐱
woofwooftv https://t.co/XKkSghHHwC
3 weeks ago
"I will watch over you and protect you. I will always be there for you no matter what. Why? Because I am a pit bull, it is the way of my kind". This dog is probably the best friend this little one will ever have! "Fear not the dog, fear the human" https://t.co/CRqb11HakD lotof_barking photo
4 weeks ago
After unnecessary cosmetic surgery this beautiful little pup passed away from postoperative complications with her lungs. Ear cropping is all about human vanity and it’s time the UK ends it’s part in fuelling this cruel procedure abroad. Sign: https://t.co/AQTwFTzfbV #FlopNotCrop https://t.co/SS0KBH7sfY lotof_barking photo
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