Skinsitive – success with a skin condition

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Disclaimers to this story... Please note:
I am not a vet.
I have no medical experience.
I am not saying this product is a cure in any manner, shape, or form.
I really cannot guarantee it will work for your animal's skin condition.
All I am doing is letting you know what worked for MY dog. Maybe it can help you?
Here is Frankie's story
Frankie was born "blonde"... My Jack Russell was always fair... he was born with sky blue eyes (hence his name after Frank Sinatra - 'ol blue eyes), and always had a pink nose. As he hit puberty, his eyes turned hazel, but his skin always remained fair...
When he was about 3, he started showing a rash in his groin area. Within a few days, it quickly developed into eczema, which turned an angry red. It didn't appear VERY itchy, but it was clearly painful. Then black crusty pustules developed in about another day or so. It happened really fast!. The next day it started openly bleeding. The vet diagnosed him with squamous cell carcinoma...
It was bleeding openly

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